Great news for messenger users!
Great news for messenger users!

Great news for messenger users!


Great news for messenger users!

Messenger is most used as the easiest and most popular means of communicating on social media. This time Meta brought the 'Communities' feature to talk with 5 thousand friends together on Messenger.

Through this feature, you can chat with others even if you are not in the same Facebook group by joining the Messenger Communities group. Only 250 members can be added to normal messenger groups. So in 2022 Meta introduced community chats in Facebook Messenger.

The company recently rolled out a new group chat feature on the app. This feature will gradually reach all Messenger users. Any user can start this community. WhatsApp like admin features are introduced to manage this community.

How an admin can run a messenger community –

* Can invite new members.

* Can create community chat.

* You can exclude someone from the community.

* Can delete any chat in the community.

* You can leave the community.

* Will have the ability to report against any content.

* Can delete any content from community chat.

Many people can benefit from this feature. Through this messaging can be done with 5 thousand people simultaneously.

Meta brings the feature to facilitate chatting between people and neighbors associated with educational institutions and companies. That is, neighbors can create groups and discuss various issues such as various events and security measures in the area. Again, teachers can create groups to discuss about students or open groups by adding students to share various information about the class.

People who are interested in a particular topic can also discuss the topic with each other through this group. While working much like WhatsApp's Community tab, these two features differ. A phone number is required to join WhatsApp communities, and a Facebook account is required to join Messenger communities.

But the feature is not yet rolled out for everyone. The feature will gradually roll out to all accounts in different countries. However, users have been asked to be careful when using the MetaCommunities feature. Because, it is better not to give personal messages. There will be many accounts linked here. So be careful while chatting.

When creating a community chat like a normal group chat, the creator will be the admin of the group. Admin can add or remove anyone from the group as a member. However, all group members can send invitations to others to join the group. Admin can supervise the addition of members.