The way reels are hurting us
The way reels are hurting us

The way reels are hurting us


The way reels are hurting us

Many people of this age waste a lot of time watching reels Reuters. These days after 10 pm if a friend or acquaintance knocks and asks, what are you doing? Most respond, look at the reels. Reels are also exchanged between friends. Not only the reels are seen at night or before going to sleep; Wants to watch reels whenever there is time in the 24 hours of the day and night. 30-50 second videos attract us so much that we don't understand how time is wasted!

How reels trap the viewer

There are reels on Facebook and Instagram, shorts on YouTube. Despite the different names, the two things are the same. The contents are very interesting.

Let's say you're scrolling through your Facebook or Instagram feed and suddenly see a cute reel. Immediately clicked on it, liked it. After watching that, he went to the next reel, thus continuing to watch one reel after another. As the contents are enjoyable, you are also entertained. In this way, he did not understand when he fell into the trap without his knowledge.

Wastes work time, also wastes attention. It reduces the ability of creative thinking, patience.

Traps such as

When do you see the reels? Between work, at leisure or before sleeping at night? Most people watch reels for entertainment at this time. Suppose you go to bed at 12 o'clock in the morning, ready to sleep. There is class or office again in the morning. Need good sleep. Suddenly I thought, let's get away from social media. After venturing into social media, she started watching reels and kept watching one after the other. Then when he remembered to sleep again, he saw that an hour or two had already been wasted. That means you won't get enough sleep, which will affect the next day's work.

Some people watch reels to refresh their mind when they get bored at work. It also wastes work time, also wastes attention. It reduces the ability of creative thinking, patience.

Why do we enjoy watching reels?

When we eat food, when someone praises or there is a personal achievement; Then our brain releases dopamine hormone. Dopamine hormone creates feelings of peace and contentment in humans. Also regulates the brain, mood, attention and sleep. When someone watches the reels, the hormone dopamine is released in them too. So watching the reels becomes addictive.

Instagram Reels videos have become very popular around the world in a short period of time

Another thing to note is that people's interest in watching movies is decreasing these days. Many people are sharing their opinion on social media. Interest in reading books is also decreasing. Those who used to read books or watch movies in their spare time, are now watching reels at that time! They do not have the patience to sit for a long time to watch movies or read books.

Ways to pass

The reels show no problem. But the damage caused by seeing it is a problem. To come out of this addiction trap, you have to be aware of yourself. Learn to control your own decisions.

For example, you can't just keep yourself free even during free time. You have to keep yourself busy with various tasks including reading books, exercising, cooking, doing various household chores. The less time spent on social media, the better.

Many have different jobs centered around social media. Some join numerous Facebook or Messenger groups. Due to these, notifications also come more. You have to go to social media to check that notification again and again. Try to get out of unnecessary groups or activities. It will reduce notifications and there will be no need to open social media repeatedly.