Review: Perfume: A story of a murderer (2006)
Review: Perfume: A story of a murderer (2006)

Review: Perfume: A story of a murderer (2006)


Review: Perfume: A story of a murderer (2006)

Mild spoilers!

Why is Paris called the city of love or the city of love? This story is a reflection of that. The world's best perfume was discovered by the corpses of 13 girls after they were murdered. Isn't that weird?

Yes, I am talking about the movie "Perfume" released in 2006. In a foul-smelling fish market, a man named "Jean Baptiste Grenouille" was born with a strange talent. His nose was the most olfactory in the world. Jean Baptiste Grenouille invented the world's most fragrant perfume with this strange genius. And a whole nation was attracted by the charm of that perfume and addressed her as Angel. People are discovering strange bodies naked with no hair on their heads in different places. And girls' clothes and hair were buried in a certain place.

The murder spreads panic in the whole city, the detective team is unable to suspect. Because Jean Baptiste Grenouille was so brilliant he would ensure the success of his pursuit at any cost.

A German writer named Patrick Suskind wrote a historical novel in 1985 about this great creative perfume and horrible murders. Perfume - The story of a murderer.

Then in 2006 German director Tom Tykwer made a movie based on this novel. At the beginning of the story, Jean Baptiste Grenouille is dragged from prison to the gallows, and the people present are outraged and anxious to see him die. Because John was a very hateful and inferior man to them. He was to be executed in public, and ordered to break the bones of his body with irons before his death.

If someone asks me, tell me the name of one of your personal favorites? I would say perfume. Because, I don't spend my days without perfume. I always have a strong addiction to use perfume of that brand by directly asking if I like the smell of perfume on a person's body in public transport or in any place.

Finally, Jean Baptiste Grenouille's number 13 target falls on Laura, the daughter of an influential figure in the city of Grasse. The girl who was the most beautiful in the German town, and without Laura, John's pursuit would not be complete. Because all the victims were beautiful.

What happened to the fight last? And what happened to Jean Baptiste Grenouille on the gallows? A must watch for movie lovers to know all these unexpected and thrilling mysteries. Trust Me If you watch the movie from start to finish, its effect will remain in your brain forever.

In the movie the main character Ben Whishaw gives an impeccable performance to the story, and every cast look, expression, dialogue delivery is just wow. Run time 2/27 m. Every moment you will be in a whirl of what is happening on the screen, there is no chance to skip. Cinematography with screen play, BGM music is a wonderful combination.