Behind Her Eyes (Season 1) Review 2024
Behind Her Eyes (Season 1) Review 2024

Behind Her Eyes (Season 1) Review 2024


Behind Her Eyes (Season 1) Review 2024

  • Series name: Behind her eyes
  • Realize date : 17.02.2021
  • Country : UK
  • Season : 1 (complete)
  • Genre: Psychological thriller; Supernatural fiction
  • Adapted from: behind her eyes book by Sarah Pinborough
  • IMDB Rating: 7.2/10
  • Rotten Tomatoes: 63% fresh
  • 83% google users like this show

Mild spoilers: The story begins with a woman named Louise who has a breakup with her husband a few days ago. They have one child named Adam. Louise works in a psychology chamber. At the beginning of the series, Louise leaves her son Adam with a neighbor and goes to a bar. There he waits for his girlfriend Sophie. But when Sophie has a job, she says no. Louise was about to get up when the drink in her hand fell on someone. This is how David was introduced. After some conversation, their conversation ended there. The next day Lewis comes into the chamber to find David and his wife Adele sitting in their hospital. Later learns that David is a psychology doctor and Louise is now his personal assistant. Thus Louise's relationship with David is formed and a beautiful romance continues.

What I have said so far is only the beginning part of the series. There are so many twists and turns in the series at the end that you might want to vomit. The series seems like a simple alien story at first, but you wouldn't imagine how dark it is. This was the most disturbing series I have ever seen. So check it out today without delay. And if you have seen a good suspense series, you can suggest it.

Happy watching ❤️