Blind Detective Chanchal Chowdhury in 'Rumi' web series!
Blind Detective Chanchal Chowdhury in 'Rumi' web series!

Blind Detective Chanchal Chowdhury in 'Rumi' web series!


Blind Detective Chanchal Chowdhury in 'Rumi' web series!

Producer Vicky Zahed has a reputation for working on diverse stories like 'Punorjonmo', 'The Silence'. This producer is bringing a web series for the audience this Eid too. Actor Chanchal Chowdhury has joined Vicky in the production.

The story and screenplay of the series is written by Vicky Zahed himself. Shooting has been done in different places of Dhaka including Rupganj, Bhawal Rajbari, Ghorashal, Gulshan, Dhanmondi.

Talking about the story of the series, the experience of shooting with the producer Vicky.

Calling Chanchal a 'big deal' for 'Rumi', Vicky said, “I am a fan of him (Chanchal Chowdhury). I want to work with him for a long time. But we both work in two genres. Besides, there was no conversation with him. So there was a fear at first after starting the work. Because he is a big artist, I am so junior. But that fear passed on the first day. It also cuts the inertia of pre-production work.”

"Destroy your maximum. Another great quality of his is that he helps the whole team for the story. It's not like he just acted himself. He also looked at how the work of other co-artists is going. We did the work with a lot of discussions and suggestions. He is very comfortable to work with. I was regretting why it was working after so long and why it wasn't done earlier."

Vicky said that 'Rumi' is a thriller series but not conventional.

He said, “This series has comedy, drama and philosophical aspects. In the series, the character Rumi likes to solve any mystery, trying to find the inner riddle of any problem. But he is not a professional detective. This character's journey is a psychological journey through life's many ups and downs."

Asked why Chanchal Chowdhury was chosen, Vicky Zahed replied, “Chanchal Chowdhury is a versatile actor. I felt the character of 'Rumi' went very well with Chanchal Bhai. I found the brother to be very philosophically rich.”

The filmmaker considers 'Rumi' to be a different kind of work in his career.

“I have done many unique experiments in this series. There are some scenes that were shot that don't seem to have happened very much in this country. All in all I am very excited.”

Apart from Chanchal Chowdhury, Shajal Noor, Rikita Nandini Shimu, Deepa Khandakar also starred.

'Rumi' will be released on the OTT platform Hoichoi on the eve of Eid.