Ararat (Web Series) 2024
Ararat (Web Series) 2024

Ararat (Web Series) 2024


Ararat (Web Series) 2024

Thriller | Suspense

Name: Ararat
Written by: Vicky Zahed
Directed by: Vicky Zahed
Produced by: 
Starring: Mehazabien Chowdhury
Shamol Mawla
Azizul Hakim
Bijori Barkatullah
Rosy Siddique
Saira Akhter Jahan
Arefin Zilani
Anwar Shahi
Music by: 
Production Company: KS Films
Distributed by: Binge
Country: Bangladesh
Language: Bangla
Release Date: 15 February, 2024

Storyline: Rifat and Rupa have been married for 8 years, but Rupa suddenly decides to quit, leaving Rifat devastated. Despite his efforts to find out the reason, Rupa remains silent. Detective Arefin informs Rifat about Rupa's infidelity, but Rifat is still unable to discover who her new love is. Unsettling events unfold, revealing that a lie is merely a poorly expressed truth. The pressing question remains: why is Rupa still silent?


Ararat Teaser | A Binge Original