Deyaler Desh (Movie) 2024
Deyaler Desh (Movie) 2024

Deyaler Desh (Movie) 2024


Deyaler Desh

Love | Thriller

Name: Deyaler Desh
Written by: Mishuk Moni
Directed by: Mishuk Moni
Produced by: Mahfoozur Rahman
Mishuk Moni
Starring: Sariful Razz
Shobnom Bubly
Zinat Sanu Swagota
Shahadat Hossen
Azizul Hakim
Shamapti Mashuq
Saberi Alam
Music by: Music- Emon Chowdhury
Sound- Design Ripon Nath
Cinematography: Sahil Rony
Poster: Sajjadul Islam Sayeem
Production Company: Metro Cinema
Distributed by: 
Country: Bangladesh
Language: Bangla
Release Date: Apr 8, 2024

Shobnom Bubly and Sariful Razz are two most-talked-about film actors in the country. The artiste duo will now be seen in a movie for the first time. The title of the movie is ‘Deyaler Desh’.