Antormahal (Season 1) 2023
Antormahal (Season 1) 2023

Antormahal (Season 1) 2023


Antarmahal (Web Series)


Name: Antormahal (Web Series)
Written by: Abhrajit Sen
Directed by: Abhrajit Sen
Produced by: 
Starring: Ishaa Saha
Saurav Das
Arpan Ghoshal
Swastika Dutta
Writa Datta Chakraborty
Music by: 
Production Company: 
Distributed by: Hoichoi
Country: India
Language: Bengali 
Release Date: 24 November, 2023

Storyline: Riti and Indro's pursuit of parenthood unfolds a storm of traditional social and male conditioning that causes cracks in their marriage. In a tug-of-war of self-respect and ego, will Riti and Indro's relationship be the ultimate casualty?

'Antormahal' is a Bengali web series that will be available on the streaming platform Hoichoi. It features 'Saurav Das' and 'Ishaa Saha' as the main actors. The director of the series is 'Abhrajit Sen'.


Official Trailer: Antormahal (অন্তরমহল)