Hotline is also being opened for oil and gas customers
Hotline is also being opened for oil and gas customers

Hotline is also being opened for oil and gas customers


Hotline is also being opened for oil and gas customers

Now oil and gas consumers are also being provided with easy complaints and grievances. Complaints can be made by calling the hotline number in a direct and modern manner. Two separate hotline numbers will be launched for this. One will be for fuel oil, another for gas. Bangladesh Petroleum Corporation (BPC) and Oil Gas Mineral Resources Corporation (Petrobangla) are going to launch separate hotline numbers on the instructions of the Energy Department.

Consumers can give their opinion about the service of electricity distribution companies in the country, but not so in the case of energy. If a customer gets cheated or gets into any other problem while buying oil across the country, there is no one to see or hear. Same is the case with gas. But this time it is expected to go away.

Nurul Alam, who has been serving as Additional Secretary of Power Department, has recently joined as Secretary of Energy Department. He ordered the launch of this hotline after taking charge.

An official of the energy department said, "We are trying to become more people-friendly as time progresses. This initiative has been taken so that people can easily report their condition. The chairman of Petrobangla and BPC has already been instructed.

The hotline can be reported 24 hours a day. It is said that this problem will not only be heard, but also remedial measures will be taken accordingly. This is actually being done to ensure better customer service.

Since the government is responsible for supplying oil and gas, it is our responsibility to provide customer service, he added.

According to Petrobangla sources, the call center number will be five digits. This special number needs to be collected from Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC).

Earlier there were separate hotline numbers for each distribution company for electricity consumers. Their single hotline number has been launched since last December. When a customer calls a number, he is transferred to a specific distribution company.

Now private companies provide 24 hours call center services to extend modern customer service. In this, the customer gets quick service.