Sariful Razz
Sariful Razz

Sariful Razz


Sariful Razz


Sariful Razz is a Bangladeshi actor and model.

Born: 18 November 1991

Nationality: Bangladeshi


Occupation: Actor, Model

Years Active: 2016 – present


Before making his debut in Dhallywood Raj worked as a ramp model. Besides, he also worked in commercials. Raj made his debut in Dhallywood in 2016. The name of his first film was Ice Cream where he acted opposite Nazifa Tushi. Minar Rahman made his playback career debut with this film. In 2019 the second film Raj was released. The name of his second film was No Dorai where he acted opposite Sunerah Binte Kamal. The next two films of Raj will be released in 2020. The name of these films is Poran and Hawa.